Bobrick Toilet Partitions

Partitions and Stalls is committed to providing you with the best and most well-made products for the bathroom you’re designing. Whether you’re an architect or the owner of a facility, it’s important that you have long-lasting partitions for your center’s restrooms.

We sell partitions and stalls that are made to last. One of the well-known manufacturers we sell partitions from is Bobrick.

We trust Bobrick’s innovation and their focus on superior quality in manufacturing toilet partitions. That’s why we sell the equipment they manufacture. You can find some of their restroom partitions on our website.

Bobrick manufactures an assortment of partitions that you can find right here on our online store. If your facility already has Bobrick partitions, you can order your Bobrick partitions replacement parts right here on our website. Bookmark this page so you are able to quickly come back to it if your commercial restroom requires Bobrick partitions.

Contact us if you have questions about shipping and handling. We are always happy to help you with any questions you have about your Bobrick toilet partitions. Allow us to help you select a material, choose a design and figure out the best Bobrick partitions pricing options for you.

Bobrick Toilet Partition Colors and Styles

Bobrick manufactures a number of durable bathroom partitions made from quality materials. There are several different types of Bobrick toilet partitions and you can take your pick from the different materials they can be made out of. You can decide which material is right for you whether it be high-pressure laminate, compact laminate phenolic or another option.

Keep in mind that each one of these materials is good for a select purpose. If you want your bathroom stalls to be tall for maximum privacy, your top choice would be Bobrick’s 1080 and 2080 DuraLine Series partitions made of compact laminate phenolic material. These types of Bobrick partitions come in a few unique colors, so you have lots of choices for design.

You can also choose from Bobrick toilet partitions series options:

All of these Bobrick toilet partitions systems also have various ways to mount them. Most of the high-pressure laminate partitions come with three mounting options. These Bobrick partitions can either be mounted on the floor, overhead-braced or hung from the ceiling. As an architect, designer or facility owner, you’ll want to decide which mounting system will look, fit and function best with the bathroom design you had in mind.  

At Partitions and Stalls, we sell many Bobrick partitions on our online store for an affordable price. Get your Bobrick restroom partitions, stalls and more by browsing our Bobrick toilet partitions selection and placing an order.

Bobrick continues to come out with new products with their customers in mind for designers whose bathrooms will be geared toward individuals and families. They continue to provide us with new material, like their commercial childcare products and baby changing stations. Bobrick makes changing stations for when a parent or guardian must change their baby’s diaper in public restrooms, recognizing families in particular and their specific needs.

Replacement Bobrick Partitions

Of course, if your facility already has Bobrick partitions in place, you’ll want to know where to order replacement stalls in the event that your Bobrick toilet partitions break or wear out over time. The Bobrick toilet partitions we sell on our online store can be used for replacing your old Bobrick partitions. Browse our selection of Bobrick partitions to find the right Bobrick toilet partitions that require replacement in your commercial restroom.

As a building owner or designer, having a designated partitions replacement company for the restrooms is key. You’ll want to have and become familiar with a store where you can always buy replacement Bobrick toilet partitions. You can always depend on Partitions and Stalls to sell the Bobrick partitions you’re looking for.

Choosing from Bobrick plastic laminate toilet partitions, Bobrick toilet partitions Sierra Series or Bobrick DuraLine Series toilet partitions will depend entirely on your creative design for your bathroom. If you need recommendations, describe to us your bathroom design plan and we will help accordingly.

The Bobrick toilet partitions company also manufactures a line of washroom accessories which we have a separate page for.

About Bobrick Restroom Partitions Company

Bobrick has been manufacturing bathroom stalls and partitions since 1970. They have been in business since 1906 providing their customers with solutions for their building design needs.

Over the years, they have become a leading name in bathroom partition manufacturers. They aim to keep their manufacturing methods green and environmentally friendly.

The company is currently headquartered in North Hollywood, CA and has five locations in the U.S. They also have locations in Canada and Europe.

Bobrick International offers Bobrick partitions internationally in certain regions including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and more. They even have websites that are each designated to a region and country. If you’re a designer in need of Bobrick partitions but overseas, be sure to check out their websites for Europe, the UK, Germany and Latin America.

Inquiries Regarding Your Bobrick Toilet Partitions

Do you have questions about specific Bobrick toilet partitions? Are you unsure of which Bobrick partitions will best suit your bathroom design? We can help you determine which style of Bobrick partitions will work best in your facility based on the unique needs you have.

Email us at and let us know any questions you have regarding Bobrick toilet partitions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a product they will be proud of. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We want your Bobrick partitions order to be satisfactory.