Alpaco Series Bathroom Stalls by Global Partitions

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The Alpaco Series is made by Global Partitions and Accurate Partitions which are under the American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) umbrella. The ASI Alpaco Series consists of the Alpaco Classic Collection and the Alpaco Elegance Collection.

The major strength of these European bathroom stalls is their height. The Alpaco Series Collections feature full-height toilet partitions that are over 6-feet tall. With so much coverage, the ASI Alpaco Series restroom cubicles deliver unparalleled privacy in public settings.

Alpaco Classic Collection: Floor-to-Ceiling Toilet Partitions

Global's Alpaco Classic partitions

The Alpaco Classic Collection from ASI was designed to be a simple and functional partition option. These European bathroom stalls continue to impress with an unmatched design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to materials, the Alpaco Classic Collection restroom cubicles are made of impermeable, scratchproof Phenolic that is 13 millimeters thick, for both durability and longevity. Designed with ASI's Ultimate Privacy™ in mind, the Alpaco Classic Collection ensures privacy with zero sightlines, flush finish closure, and smooth construction. These European style toilet partitions are uniquely designed with 76.75-inch-high doors so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you have complete privacy.

As if a strong focus on privacy wasn’t enough, the Alpaco Classic Collection also makes a statement with clean-cut lines and head rails. Alpaco Classic Collection partitions will elevate the design of a designated space, making for a pleasant user experience. With an assortment of colors available, you can easily find the partitions that will complement your public restroom.

Last but not least, the Alpaco Classic Collection stalls allow little room for bacteria to gather, making them easy to clean and maintain. This is especially important in public restrooms where hygiene is a top priority.


Alpaco Elegance Collection: Full-Height Toilet Partitions

Global's Alpaco Elegance partitions

The Alpaco Elegance Collection from ASI was designed to exude sophistication for an elegant stall option. The sleek construction of these partitions creates a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for users. These European bathroom stalls are perfect for high-end establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and upscale office buildings.

The Alpaco Elegance Collection provides a premium look and feel without compromising on functionality. The cylindrical top rails of the structure are not only tasteful, but they are also built to withstand heavy usage. The Alpaco Elegance Collection partitions are made to hold up over time with their 13-millimeter thick Phenolic construction that is both impermeable and scratch-proof. This makes them a reliable choice for businesses.

Like the bathroom cubicles in the Alpaco Classic Collection, the Alpaco Elegance Collection consists of floor-to-ceiling toilet partitions. The 78.7-inch-high doors are self-closing, making for a cohesive appearance with or without visitors. The stalls come in various colors so that you can pick which one will go best with your public restroom. The partition pedestals are adjustable so that you can further customize your restroom space.

Overall, the restroom cubicles offered in both the Alpaco Classic Collection and the Alpaco Elegance Collection will enhance the ambiance of any public restroom. Order your Alpaco Series partitions and stalls from us online today!


Your Questions About ASI Alpaco Series European Bathroom Stalls

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Hardware Included With Alpaco Collections

The following images show the hardware that comes included with the Alpaco Elegance Series and Alpaco Classic Series partitions.

Door Pulls

Latch and Occupancy Indicator

Hinges or Ultimate Privacy Hinges

Coat Hooks

4" or 9" Pedestals



Alpaco Elegance Headrail and Accessories

Alpaco Classic Headrail and Accessories