Our company — RBA Partitions and Stalls — is a leading distributor of Hadrian's Elite Series partitions. We offer a wide selection of these optimum privacy toilet partitions and their replacement parts, made by top name manufacturer Hadrian.

Hadrian is a global supplier of top tier toilet partitions with a central focus on elevating the user experience in every space. The company produces high-quality toilet partitions that come in your choice of stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, or powder-coated metal.

The manufacturer pioneered powder coating toilet partitions and understands the value of developing and applying new ideas and methods when designing products. Hadrian embraces the use of new technologies and materials in order to make improved, unmatched, durable toilet partition products for architects and designers to apply to their created spaces. Users can enjoy partition versatility with convenience, privacy features, and aesthetics all being a top priority for Hadrian.

Hadrian’s Elite Series Partition Details

The privacy offered by Hadrian's Elite Series partitions is unparalleled, giving users peace of mind. With their visually appealing styles and high-quality materials, the Elite Series bathroom stalls are the whole package.


Elite Series privacy stalls are the "No-Sightline Solution" for users who prefer complete privacy in public restrooms. These partitions adhere to improved privacy standards with 64-inch-high doors and panels that sit 6 to 9 inches above the floor. With the doors and panels being so tall and mounted nearer to the floor than your average partitions, Hadrian's Elite Series partitions form a seamless barrier to keep users concealed. The full-length stop and hinge side filler helps prevent any peeking through the door. The continuous stop's rubber bumper reduces sound and decreases the risk of wear and tear.


Not only do Hadrian's Elite Series partitions have excellent privacy features, but they are also user-friendly. Elite Series stall doors and panels are designed to be opened and closed with ease for a hassle-free experience.


The partitions are also equipped with sturdy hardware, making for long-lasting performance. Installation options include floor-mounted, ceiling-hung, floor-to-ceiling, and headrail-braced.


Hadrian's Elite Series partitions are made with materials that are resistant to moisture and bacteria, which means simple cleaning and maintenance. With bacteria-resistant doors, users can feel at ease in a hygienic environment with a lower risk of germs spreading.


Last but not least, the Elite Series is available in different materials, finishes, and colors, so you can choose your preference. With stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, or powder-coated options, the aesthetic choice is yours. The design also adds a sleek appearance to Hadrian's Elite Series bathroom stalls, making for a polished and inviting restroom. The fasteners do not appear on the exterior, making it so that Hadrian's Elite Series stalls have a smooth and uniform appearance.

With these five areas of focus, Hadrian's Elite Series privacy partitions provide an enjoyable experience for all users. Whether it's in a bustling shopping mall or a high-end hotel, Hadrian's Elite Series is an automatic go-to for anyone who is working on a public restroom.

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