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Thank you for taking the time to consider Partitions and Stalls as your outfitter for Partition Hardware. We can help you when deciding what common toilet partition hardware you need when building your own restroom partition panels, pilasters, and doors; we can supply all of your hardware needs. Most partition hardware items are in stock for quick deliveries. Manufacturers generally do not use brand name hardware for common brackets, slide latches, hinges, headrails & brackets and more.

Doors: Manufactured doors are typically about 3/8" to 1/2" less than the size listed (width). This allows hinges to work correctly and doors to close properly. Doors are designed to be mounted on either the right or left side; and functions as an in or out swing. *Partition doors are not designed to be both in and out swinging.*

*Example: 36" Door is actually about 35-5/8" wide.

Panels: Manufactured panels are typically about 1/2" less than the size listed (width). This is to account for the bracket thickness for mounting the panels. Panels are used to separate toilet stalls and to create stalls with larger dimensions (Alcove).

*Example: 58" Panel is actually about 57-1/2" wide. Panel height is 58" mostly.

Pilasters: Manufactured pilasters (stiles) are true to size (width) and are usually 82" high that use an aluminum head-rail to keep the top stable. Pilasters are designed to anchor to the floor and stabilize partition stalls. Partition doors are hinged off of, and close/lock on to, pilasters.

Brackets: This hardware is designed to attach panels and pilasters to each other and also to walls. Brackets are available in chrome, aluminum and stainless steel. Standard brackets (stirrup) are the most common type used but also come in continuous forms (except chrome). The openings are made in many different increments to accommodate select thicknesses for materials. Many are available in panel and/or pilaster kits. These kits consist of 1 ear or 2 ear brackets and U brackets.

Knobs & Covers/Slide Latch: Knobs and cover (turn latch) are among the most common in the manufactured partitions (powder coated steel, stainless steel, and some plastic laminate). With materials such as plastic laminate, solid plastic (HDPE), and phenolic, slide latches tend to be used more often.

Hinges: Hinges come in a variety of designs and material options: pivot wrap Hinges are typically found on powder coated steel, stainless steel and plastic laminate (surface mount also used) when being produced at the factory. Surface mount, vault and continuous hinges are seen more frequently on solid plastic and phenolic partitions. Surface mounted and wrap hinges are often used when customers make their own partitions. *Hinges are NOT designed to be mounted directly to a wall, but some types of hinges can be mounted on a wall.*

Headrail: Component used to help add stability to floor-mounted, overhead-brace partitions. This is designed to slide over top of pilasters. Made from extruded aluminum and designed to be cut to size in the field. Openings are made to suit thicknesses of 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4".

The notes above are to help customers understand some terminology and design/layout for how partitions work. Most common doors and panels are 1" thick and the pilasters are 1-1/4" thick. We are here to assist in any questions or concerns you might have. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

The links below show different types of mounting for toilet partition door hinges and finishes to choose from. Chrome plated is the most common partition hardware finish, and has a shiny reflection. Cast stainless steel has a brushed finish look. Aluminum finish partition hardware is typically used on solid plastic partitions. Continuous hinges (full-length) and continuous brackets (also known as channels) are great for extra strength and durability, as well as removing sightlines for better privacy.

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